a lovely coincidence

Theatrically presented music shows

NEW SHOW...coming in 2020...

'Land of kisses and volcanoes'

Semi-theatrically presented classical and Flamenco inspired music.

Join us for a dream-like experience of classical guitar and voice duets and solo pieces woven together by lush soundscapes of prerecorded synths, ‘found’ sounds, elements of nature and spoken word. Spanish and South American music by the likes of Manuel de Falla, Agustin Barrios Mangore, Isaac Albeniz and songs from Osvaldo Golijov’s ‘Ayre’ mix with original flamenco inspired songs using the poetry of Federico Garcia Lorca with it all glued together using a This Mortal Coil sensibility.

‘A romantic and sensual experience’


CD album of the entire show available soon.

Show dates

All upcoming show dates will be listed here. Check back soon for updates.

About 'A Lovely Coincidence'

A Lovely Coincidence: Chris Harper and Vix Bourne

Who are we?

Vix Bourne and Chris Harper. Two highly experienced musicians with a flair for the theatrical. Musically educated to Masters level and fluent in variety of musical styles Chris and Vix have been performing together for 15 years.

What do we do?

A Lovely Coincidence create ‘Theatrically presented music shows’ which means songs, pieces, instrumentals and electronic music (prerecorded ‘found’ sound and electronic atmospheres) performed uninterrupted, in a theatrical setting with specifically designed lighting and amplified sound.

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